Callus Removers – Do they work?

Foot calluses are real pain the feet, they vary a lot from simple burning hard skin to full blown calluses. We are told by the medical professional that they not a disease but part of the bodies natural defence mechanism, designed to protect bone when area of skin get undue pressure or friction.

For me I don’t care that they are natural or not they have to go, simple as that. I have suffered from them for years and only got short term relief after a trip to a Podiatrist or a good pedicure.

Home remedies just haven’t worked and in fact some of them have just made things worse, the summer is the most painful time your feet get extra hot and sweaty making the burning pain unbearable.

So when a good friend recommended an Electric Callus Remover I was extremely sceptical and pictured something like an industrial grinder. I knew from previous experience that the last thing you want on your feet is scare tissue, that will make hard skin and calluses even worse.

So did a bit of research and found like everything they varied greatly in price and I assumed quality. One that caught my eye on was a model in blue and red sold under a number of different brands, price seemed to vary from $20-$50. On closer inspection I found there were two models although they looked identical one was battery operated and the rechargeable.

Now I have kids so anything that takes 2 AA batteries is not going to be a good idea, my son will quickly have the batteries for his remote controlled car or my daughter for Barbies Car, besides you never know when they are at full power.

So it just has to be rechargeable for me, so the next step was which brand now this was a task to behold, there was at least 4 different brands all selling the same unit, so I decided to choose on customer service, one brand offered 90 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, so that seemed like a good deal.

The brand was Foot Love (and no it’s not a foot fettish), similar price to the rest so decided to give them a whirl, I got free delivery and bought a couple of extra rollers because they were on special if I bought them together – total cost $48.90, not bad I hear you all say.

I always find Amazon a bit strange sometimes order can arrive very quickly, other times they can take days, to be honest I don’t like waiting for stuff.

Anyway Thursday morning it arrived, everything was good quickly put on to charge and then took the kids to school. Got home did a few jobs and then decided to have a go at my hard skin.

I’ve got to say it worked very well indeed, it tickled a little at first but after a quick 5 minutes on each foot there was real difference, I continued over the next couple of days and by Sunday the soles of my feet were as smooth as a babies. no one is more surprised than me, a problem I have suffered from – Hard Skin and Foot Calluses has finally been fixed by a $50 product from China.

So if you’re a man or women with hard skin on your feet, which most of us have get a Foot Love Callus Remover from today you won’t believe the difference it makes.

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